Can’t We All Just Get Along ..With the Story?!

Hello World,

So as always we talked about a myriad of topics in tonight’s Digital Communications live session; from poopourri to the best super bowl commercials, but one thing that rang true for me was the underlying current of a divide between advertising and public relations professionals and journalism professionals somewhere awkwardly lodged in the middle.

Whether it’s advertisers telling a story about a product in a 30 second spot that rarely tells the consumer about the price, how it works, or where it’s made, but tries to always tell a story.  To the aspiring Olivia Pope’s of the world that need to do damage control on their clients’ – to quote one of our students tonight “public relations nightmare” (with Tanika attitude and tone); will depend on how well you are able to “spin” the story. At the core most journalism professionals, news reporters/writers, and the like try to do what, most days? Tell a story. Granted the story could be and usually is one sided, it’s still a side of a story.

We all do it so well.  Even in my current profession I get to “trick” learners into; well, learning.  Whether it be through quizzes, surveys, games, or leveraging gamification during instructional design, to presenting case studies with great stories for analysis and discussion, I am essentially trying to engage my learner any way that I can.  Sometimes as consumers the story is too good to resist, whatever that temptation may be.  To most of each professionals’ point, it’s not a good story if you didn’t buy, do something, or at least give thought or pause to the story. I think only Sean Diddy Combs can say it best. WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE– 

What’s the common theme folks?  You guessed it! The story.  We spend time discussing the minutia of who’s doing what, why, when, and how, and we are all doing the same damn thing! Let’s do it together for the sake of the the story and ultimately the consumer. If I haven’t learned anything else this semester is “It’s all about the story.” What amazes me is the ability to work with such smart, diverse, talented professionals, that each have a unique contribution to the learning experience that I am just happy to be one of the story tellers among them all.


Still Room for Old School Journalists?

Hello World,

Long time since I’ve been able to use this time to reflect on what I’ve been learning in the awesome Syracuse Communications Master’s program.

Well my terror has somewhat subsided since our last engaging talk about where in the world do old school journalist fit in, in such an evolving technologically savvy world?  I am proud to say that I had my very first journalism internship at the AFRO American newspaper in DC fell in love with it.  You can take a glance of my very early work (don’t judge the hair style!) Journalism Articles to get an idea of how proud I was to have a “by-line” in a “REAL” newspaper.

I was terrified at the thought that if I couldn’t keep up with the latest and greatest tech, that my dreams, aspirations, and soul would be crushed by being a self proclaimed tech-tarded person.

What I’ve come to find is that it’s all about the story.. not necessarily the delivery of the story.  So if you’ve got a great reporter, journalist, writer, producer, or media professional I don’t think they will be replaced by younger, tech savvier, cooler, tech guru as they will be able to successfully collaborate with these communications professionals to serve a common goal for the source of the story.

I will say that it is equally important for old school journalist to do their due diligence to learn and leverage the technology so that the collaboration efforts will be more fruitful.  Things old school communication professionals need to think about are how the story gets developed, will it be easily convertible into other formats/media outlets, what will be the technology used to deliver the story, and how interesting is the story for the newer digital audience, basically the ultimate questions of “who cares and why?”

While visiting Denver I wanted to see what the job market was like as I have several options of a new career within walking distance to me. Not only can I get to ABC 7, but also FOX and NPR in less then a 5 minute walk.

ABC 7 News Denver,CO
ABC 7 News Denver,CO Shot by Jessica Banks

l also took it upon myself to see what jobs were industry standard and relatively similar to my old school experience and if there were newer job postings and roles that were more specific to digital medial, social media and the like.  I was pleasantly surprised to find room for an “old school” journalist with plenty of growth potential for newer skills to master in the ever evolving world of journalism innovation. Just in case you’re thinking about moving to Denver (because I am), ABC 7 is hiring!