It’s close to one am and I am pretty awake for it to be a normal Wednesday morning when most days this hour I am usually going to bed or already asleep.  What keeps me awake at this hour? Simply put, it’s what I spy with my media critical eye. My first week in a new online masters program with Syracuse University has me already looking at 30 second PSA’s to political debates with such a critical eye that life will never be the same.

Our class is so diverse with so much talent, expertise, and value add, at moments I can’t believe we are able to leverage the experience in such a way without any geographic barriers.  This week our conversation was focused around digital convergence, and where we have come from and where we are headed, and what role does media, technology, and communication play in the grand scheme of things.

At about 11:40 pm after my second class ended, I was sitting down to eat for the first time of the day (yes I know, my challenge in self care is another blog post) and of course I was thinking about class as I was half watching Jon Stewart, my own daily new source. I was thinking would Jon’s show be considered low or high culture?  I smiled to myself knowing that in the first week this class has already challenged me to look at things from a different lens and more critical eye..  Half listening to President Obama say that he wanted to issue an executive order for Jon not to leave the show, I immediately perked up and stopped chewing even, to see what the president had to say about his perception of media coverage.  As I get up from the dinner table to get the remote to rewind the comments and replay them to make sure I heard him right, I figured this was my perfect opportunity to reap the benefits of being so critical of the media elements that I’ve interacted with in the last week.

See the video of President Obama speak to Jon about practically all the things we talked about in our class tonight.  The media being “a bunch of different medias” similar to our discussion on different media outlets and their agenda and the narrowcast topic as well.  He speaks on the White House press office being “too slow” in redesigning or re-engineering and being “not as well adapted to this new environment”, which screams digital convergence challenges at even 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  No one is exempt from the responsibility of “keeping up” with and staying ahead of where the future may take us and how we view media and their role in our lives and decisions, technology and how it helps or hinders us, and ultimately our own call to actions to impact the world.


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