Hello there, my name is Jessica Banks and I am starting my very first blog.  I have to be truthful and let you know that this creation is a requirement for a college course in the MS in Communications program at Syracuse University, but I am thankful for the challenge.

So what is this blog going to be about, why should you care, or what’s in it for you?  I can assure you that by taking a few moments out of your day and reading this blog you will experience good news and learning, good collaboration, and good vibes all at the same time.

Though the initial blog posts will focus on digital communication and the communication landscape and how it changes and impacts us as a society, I will try to include the three elements mentioned above and hope that you, the world, can help by sharing your own good news to this blog.  Have a resource like a white paper or video to contribute to the topic, a question to ask or comment to share, a personal story or even an emotional outburst?… feel free to post away. I welcome your insight and feedback, I only ask that your engagements include one, if not all the “good elements” that BanksGoodNews is all about.

I remember someone telling me that “Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner; no one knows everything and every one knows something.”  Let’s begin this journey together to share, grow, and be positive change agents through spreading good news in the world.

Happy Blogging


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